Lift Rental versus ScaffoldingPart of what makes a successful construction project, no matter what environment you’re working in, is expecting the unexpected as much as possible, and educating yourself on potential dangerous situations or features, such as scaffolding. We want to ensure that every project is done safely and effectively and that is our number one priority.That’s why our customers love our products at Economy Lift Rentals; Our lifts allow you to safely plan for the jobs required, all at an affordable price.

During commercial, industrial, or residential construction developments, one common piece of equipment the untrained eye may not see as threatening is scaffolding. To many, scaffolding is an essential part of a construction site that allows workers to reach higher levels and be more stable than standing on a ladder.

But scaffolding is so much more complicated than that, and with more complications, hidden dangers can occur.In fact, according to OSHA, scaffold-related accidents account for a majority of the accidents on a given work site and can cost the American employer upwards of $90 million in lost profits from lost workdays.

Here are a few reasons why scaffolding injuries are so common today:
  • Falling Objects
During a construction projects, materials can frequently and accidentally drop from great heights. These falling objects can cause severe injuries to the people below on the ground.
  • Improper Construction
While there is a very detailed and specific set of specifications for how scaffolding should be maintained and initially constructed, accidents occur if those regulations are not properly met.
  • Poor Inspection
Scissor LiftAll scaffolding must be inspected frequently to guarantee that it is still in conformity with OSHA specifications. Not only that, but not just anyone can perform an inspection; they must be conducted by a specially-trained worker within the construction industry and must understand the nuances of scaffolding. When that doesn’t occur, accidents are likely to follow.

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